In a new building where floor heating is used, it is essential to install moisture barrier plastic of at least 0.2 mm directly on the concrete. If the proper moisture barrier is not used, humidity rising from below will cause the seams to rise and the boards to gouge.

Always read the installation instructions carefully before beginning!

If you are unsure, ask for advice from your retailer or directly from us. Possible problems can be dealt with more easily if they are cleared up before installation begins.

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Installation videos

An amateur video for professional installation
Remember that it is essential to get the first two rows of boards straight to achieve a good result. Use a long lining tool, straight ruler or spirit level to help you do this.
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New revolutionary EXPRESS CLIC
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Golvabia installation video
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ComfortClic installation video
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The world's easiest floor installation
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HydroSmart installation video
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Clic System

  • Much easier to install
  • Up to 50% quicker to install
  • No hammer, tapping block and pulling bar required
  • Safe and stable
  • You can walk on the floor immediately after installation